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CSU Channel Islands
All CSU Channel Islands jewelry is available in gold plate, sterling silver, single gold filled, double gold filled, 10K and 14K yellow or white gold. Stoles: Traditional BSN & RN/BSN both will use the White Stole. Pin design on one the right sash accompanied by the school name on the left sash.

The Order Deadline Date is Thursday, May 28th, 2020. Orders will ship bulk to CSU Channel Islands.

Engraving:  Engraving is included in the pin price and includes three initials and the year. Example: KPH 2020. Please enter three initials and year in the boxes provided.

Late Orders: If your order is placed after the deadline date above, your pin will be shipped directly to you and may not arrive prior to the ceremony date. Please allow 3-4 weeks for your pin to be manufactured. Due to the fact Stoles are ordered in bulk, Stole orders can't be placed after the deadline date.

Bart Hansen
1-800-253-0882, ext. 3082